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Tag archives for Span/Bridge

Base Jump from Maguohe Bridge马过河大桥低空跳伞

Maguohe bridge, 180m high,190m span,located in Luquan county, Yunnan province, 60km NE of Kunming. 马过河大桥,主跨190米,高达180米梁桥,位于云南省 …70


Dunya News-Base jumping

BASE jumping, is an acronym for four types of jumps off fixed objects. – buildings, antennas, spans (such as a bridge) and the earth (such as the top of a cliff).79


BASE-Jumping Perrine Bridge

Various BASE jumps from the Perrine Bridge at Twin-Falls, Idaho in 2004.600


BASE jump #11

Last jump of Twin Falls BASE trip – Perrine bridge – 486′ Span.71


Base Jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho

If you travel through Idaho, make time to stop in Twin Falls, Idaho to check out the beautiful Snake River Canyon and specifically the Perrine Bridge. On most …393


BASE jump #8

8/11/2013 Twin Falls BASE trip. Perrine Bridge (486′ Span)76


EdlynDreams BASE Jump Span

BASE Jumping Bridge. South Africa.31


Amazing base-jumping video: Man in wheelchair 'leaps off' bridge in China

Curious spectators and thrill-seeking base-jumpers converged on the Aizhai suspension bridge in the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan …118


Paralyzed BASE Jumper Rolls Off Bridge in Wheelchair

This is a video compilation of Lonnie Bissonnette at Bridge Day 2012 in West Virginia. Lonnie is the only paralyzed BASE Jumper & Roller in the world who has …131


BASE Jumping in Mexico with Avery Badenhop – Aerial Extreme

Produced by Mark Lichtle – [removed] Follow renowned BASE jumper Avery Badenhop throughout Mexico as he earns each letter of the …707