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Tag archives for How to Pack

Stickman – Base Jumper 2 – iOS Trailer

Stickman – Base Jumper 2 [removed] Pack your parachute and jump down the …31


Stickman Base Jumper 2

Pack your parachute and jump down the highest buildings in the world and experience the amazing feeling of Stickman Base Jumper 2! Estimate your run up …356


My first basejump (full story in description)

Here’s the video of my very first basejump, exactly 4 years ago. I had 90 skydives and I had been dreaming to jump for a while. I was feeding my brain with all …86


flat packing rc skydiver part 2/3

This is a flat packjob for base jumping your rc skydiver it will open extremely fast and hard with the slider left down and if it is packed without line twists or …485


Watch Gene BASE Jump

In case you didn’t get enough stupidity in the first episode, where both Japanese and American made cars demolish Gene, he’s back again! This time Gene …67


Base Jumper Breaks Record For Most Jumps In 24 Hours

A BASE jumper swooped down a canyon an incredible 61 times in 24 hours to land the world record for the most jumps in a day. Danny Weiland, from Denver, …111


Pilot Chute Folding For Handheld Deployment

Todd Shoebotham of Apex BASE demonstrates the two recommended methods for folding your pilot chute for go-and-throw BASE Jumps, as well as jumps with …266


Ian McIntosh hits 49 BASE Jumps in 19 Days | Action Cam | Sony

TGR athlete Ian McIntosh ditches his skis and picks up a parachute in this episode of Sony Mind’s Eye. McIntosh and company look to emulate their Swiss …212


Closing the Apex BASE Summit Container

Todd walks us through how to properly close the Apex BASE Summit container while utilizing the top through-loop.357


1 Packing BASE OSP chute

Shaun McLaughlin packing his custom OSP base rig. Not responsible for injury or death of anyone copying his technique.62