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Packamatic, the automatic parachute packing machine!

Roller coasters, Water towers, cliffs and antennae. What could be more fun, than hanging out with a Tulip legend and the man behind Deplidge Mode!259


Apex BASE Pilot Chutes – Updated

Everything you ever wanted to know about the complete line of Apex BASE pilot chutes. For more information about Apex BASE pilot chutes and the entire line of …549


BaseR Jump

Duel pin BASE container with belly mount (26 Lo-Po round) reserve TSO’d to make legal jumps from aircraft. FAR’s and BSR’s still must be adhered regardless …23


8 Deaf BASE Shaun packing OSP

World’s 1st Deaf BASE jumper, Shaun McLaughlin packing his OSP chute Not responsible for injury or death to anyone copying his techniques. Do not own …275


BASE Jump 12 Tom McCaffrey Solo stowed slider down

12th jump at Snake River BASE Academy Fundamentals of BASE course. Solo jump and unsupervised pack job. Stowed pilot chute deployment. Perrine Bridge …41


Sony Mind's Eye: ​Ian McIntosh Hits 49 BASE Jumps In Just 19 Days!

TGR athlete Ian McIntosh ditches his skis and picks up a parachute in this episode of Sony’s Mind Eye. McIntosh and company look to emulate their Swiss …186


One Minute Pack Job

A time lapse video of a slider-down pack job for a BASE jump. Approximately an hour of me packing is played back in one minute.69


A BASE Jump Powered by Switchback Bakeshop!

When I need to keep my energy levels up for base jumping, hiking, and packing parachutes, nothing is better than the snacks from Switchback Bakeshop!124



Just a couple jumps before and after going to the dropzone… Pack job #1 was done indoors carefully at home (90 degrees to the left). Pack job #2 was done …203


Apex BASE – Static Line

A detailed description and demonstration of how to correctly setup a static-line.578