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Tag archives for How to Pack

RAS System (Remove-A-Slider) from Apex BASE

The new Remove-A-Slider aka RAS makes the transformation between a slider up BASE Jumping configuration to a no slider configuration much easier and …224


Common BASE Rig Designs

A brief overview of the three common types of BASE rigs with Kip Hansen.166


Apex TL & TLs BASE Jumping Container Closing Instructions

Easily covered to a standard dual-pin configuration, The Apex TL (Through Loop) & TLs (Through Loop Small) BASE containers are designed and manufactured …568


The next generation Jet-Man – Rex Pemberton

The next generation Jet-Man – Rex Pemberton is returning to China Grand Prix. Besides flying wingsuits like a pro, Rex is developing his own fixed wing jet-pack …63


kuwait GHOST B.A.S.E jumper

To err is human. This video is to show you that everything you do in base jumping is important. The packing, body position, weather and even mental preparation …178


Packing Tutorial Brento BASE School

Packing tutorial clear and easy to lear! enjoy and be safe! – Packing without slider – Packing with slider – Slide Down setting – Removing slider – Slider …5364


BASE canopy hop and pop – troll 245

B.A.S.E. canopy Hop’n pop (6000ft), troll 245 mdv from atair canopy. Ran out off batterie for landing, flare was awesome. Shot with go pro 2.147


Training Video – Extreme Sports

This video might seem incredibly boring to anyone not an extreme sports enthusiast. However, this training video has helped keep thousands of lives safe.367


Stickman – Base Jumper 2 – iOS Trailer

Stickman – Base Jumper 2 [removed] Pack your parachute and jump down the …31


Stickman Base Jumper 2

Pack your parachute and jump down the highest buildings in the world and experience the amazing feeling of Stickman Base Jumper 2! Estimate your run up …356