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Tag archives for Bird Suit/Wing Suit

Urban Flight – Wingsuit Flying Downtown

Follow Us For More Awesome Adventures: [removed] [removed] [removed] Ben …135


Aiguille Du Midi | WINGSUIT | Fernando Goncalves Especial Jump

This is how a master base jumper spends his day in the beauty of the French Alps! For more Awesome Base Jumping, Wingsuiting & Speedflying Videos CLICK …388


PHY NYA – Basejumping with improved Wingsuits

Human can fly with glide ratios up to 3:1!!! Enjoy being a bird for 2 minutes.386


Wingsuit Action in Switzerland. Aviapeople are flying HD 1080p

Music: Jay Pryor – Skankin’ Wingsuit flying (or wingsuiting) is the sport of gliding through the air using a wingsuit which adds surface area to the human body to …259


Gary Connery's Wingsuit Landing without using a Parachute

[removed] The World’s First Wingsuit Landing without a parachute. Stuntman Gary Connery jumps from a helicopter at 2400ft flying a wingsuit and …154


Sebastian Alvarez – Wingsuit Precision Flight VIVA CHILE!

Wingsuit pilot, Sebastian Alvarez, proving his precision flight skills in his squirrel suit, blasting through the Chilean flag placed on top of an extinct volcano, cerro …153


WIngsuit Base Jump Monte Brento in a T-BIRD

TONY SUITS T-BIRD, most probably the best wingsuit in the world to start your WS-BASE career.255


Base Jump from Burj Kalifa Dubai Wingsuit

Base jump from the tallest building in the world from Sky Dive Dubai with wingsuits.103


Dream Lines IV – Wingsuit proximity by Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer

Please like my page to follow my films: [removed] Dream Lines IV is a film that presents some of the top flyers in the sport of …985


3D Wingsuit Proximity Flying BASE Jumping 3D VR SBS

3D Wingsuit Proximity Flying BASE Jumping (3D SBS VR Box) Put on your 3D glasses and enjoy Wingsuit flying (or wingsuiting) is the sport of gliding through …277