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Just a couple jumps before and after going to the dropzone… Pack job #1 was done indoors carefully at home (90 degrees to the left). Pack job #2 was done …203


Apex BASE – Static Line

A detailed description and demonstration of how to correctly setup a static-line.578


Time lapse video packing my BASE rig

Whilst Ryan was busy sleeping I got bored and thought I would play with my camera.41


Ski B.A.S.E. jump – Matthias Giraud and Thule Legend Backpack

Thule Legend – innovative GoPro® camera backpack made to help capture all your outdoor adventures! Thule Legend has been developed together with …124


B.A.S.E. Packing Video

www.exitpointproductions.com Jesse Hall who has done over 1000 B.A.S.E. jumps in 6 different countries shares what he has found to be a fast, clean, and …28


How to pack a BASE rig

If only Music from here: [removed]60


Flat packing rc skydiver part 1/3

This is a flat packjob for base jumping your rc skydiver it will open extremely fast and hard with the slider left down and if it is packed without line twists or …562


Experimental Pack Job #1001

Feeling tuff after your 1000th jump??? I was, so I decided to let a B.A.S.E. Jumper, Pack a B.A.S.E. Canopy into a skydiving rig. I pulled out of a full track @ 7000ft …50


Pliage Base jump

Pliage Base jump.2320


BASE Parachute Slider Control – Direct and Indirect Control

The next educational video by Apex BASE on the topic of controlling the opening of your BASE parachute using direct symmetric and asymmetric slider control, …367

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