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2012 Aizhai Bridge International BASE Jump Festival takes fl

More than 40 jumpers from over 13 countries including China, Germany, Great Britain and Spain took part in the stunt making it the largest BASE Jump event in …80


Wingsuiting off a bridge

The footage in this video is of one of the most stunningly beautiful Span objects (bridge) I have ever seen! Its called the Millau Viaduct and is the tallest bridge in …185


BASE jump 300ft antenna

low stowed.22


Base Jump off a Bridge in Mexico – Aerial Extreme

Produced by Mark Lichtle – [removed] Avery Badenhop BASE jumps from a bridge in Mexico in order to earn the BASE letter S for Span.187


antenna base jump



Base Jumping Bridge Twin Falls Idaho U.S.A.

The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho is one of the most popular Base Jumping Bridges in the United States. The bridge spans the Snake river in southern …243


Base jump 2013 Antenna

We thank the European Union for this antenna :-)))) Its nice gift for Base jumpers :-))))122


B.A.S.E. – S For Span

Jump three of four in a series of jumps around Ireland spelling out the word "base". This jump took place at the M50 toll bridge in Dublin.143


BASE jumping from antenna | Extreme Adventures

BASE jumping from antenna near Lviv, Ukraine, October 4-5th 2014.238


GoPro: 2500m Chamonix Wingsuit Flight

Brandon Mikesell takes the line less traveled and soars down Le Brévent, threading his way through trees, rocks, and cliffs along the way. Shot 100% on the …110

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