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BIRDMAN® B.A.S.E. CHRONOGRAPH (BASE jumping) – Is an activity where participants jump from fixed objects and use a parachute to break their fall. "BASE" …32


Cave of Swallows – Schwalbenhöhle in Mexico

This 400 meters deep cave is located in a rainforest in San Luis Potosí. This Video is a beginning of BBC´s 2006 Documentation "Planet Earth".126


Douggs BASE Survival Talk

This Video is purely for the education of BASE jumpers and other Extreme Sports athletes to show how i have survived the sport of base jumping so far in the last …2308


Base-Jumping und seine Risiken | Der Kick um jeden Preis – Focus TV Reportage

Der Kick um jeden Preis – der Trendsport Base-Jumping und seine Risiken“ Adrenalin pur schießt durch ihre Venen, wenn sie im freien Fall die Klippe hinunter …1381


Best Of Cliff BASE Jumps | BASE Dreams 2 | EP3

Best Of Cliff BASE Jumps! BASE Dreams 2 – The awesome new base jump series with Chris "Douggs" McDougall: Click Here to follow Douggs!202


Flat Top Ninja Paramotor Base Jump Totally Awesome Epic Flight Award!! Powered Paragliding Extreme!!

[removed] Paramotor Ninja POWER!! Powered Paragliding best gear on earth. The Flat Top Ninja from U-Turn USA is one of the 3 most powerful …222


5 jumpers – most amazing BASE jumps and Rope Jump EVER Navagio Beach

BE LIKE A BASE JUMPER! As the first in the world, we open the hermetically sealed door to the most beautiful experiences hitherto reserved for BASE jumpers.259


Red Bull Peak 2 Peak Base Jump

Shane McConkey and Miles Daisher are the first to BASE jump from the 1500 foot tall Peak2Peak gondola in Whistler Blackcomb. Insane!140


Matterhorn BASE Jumps mit Hannes Arch und Ueli Gegenschatz (deutsch)

Hannes Arch, Ueli Gegenschatz und ihre bemerkenswerten BASE-Jumps vom Matterhorn. Reportage aus dem Jahr 2003. [removed] …956


Base Jump Cochamó

primer salto en el valle de Cochamo.134

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