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Wingsuit Jumping off a Mountain with Professional Skier Ian McIntosh

"Obviously we’re not right in the head," says big mountain skier and BASE jumper Ian McIntosh before wingsuit jumping off the Stawamus Chief in British …381


1 Minute BASE Pack Job

Time lapse, of course.70


tricks to base canopy

Could have untwisted or tried harder to but was quite keen to try out my first solo pack of base canopy, all good ;-)144


James Marples Base jump off a rope swing at KL tower

This is a Patient from my Back clinic. Back in action. He was literally a cripple when he came to us.133


MTB Base jumping – Riding a 1000 meter vertical cliff

My fellow base jumper Chad and I were hiking up for a regular base jump, and ran into these 2 norwegian MTB enthusiasts Tom and Terje this summer at Kjerag …149


BASE Jumping Through Europe

My Summer Off Work …. Take a look Camera credits – Douggs, Sam, Mitch, David, Brandon, Greg, Toby, Alex, Eduardo, Marco, PJ, Ellen.580


Snowboarding and base jumping

Snowboarding in Alaska and base jumping in Europe.482


Urban Flight – Wingsuit Flying Downtown

Follow Us For More Awesome Adventures: [removed] [removed] [removed] Ben …135


Aiguille Du Midi | WINGSUIT | Fernando Goncalves Especial Jump

This is how a master base jumper spends his day in the beauty of the French Alps! For more Awesome Base Jumping, Wingsuiting & Speedflying Videos CLICK …388


PHY NYA – Basejumping with improved Wingsuits

Human can fly with glide ratios up to 3:1!!! Enjoy being a bird for 2 minutes.386

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